School Policies

Student Activities

Students choose their courses for the following school year in late winter/early spring; when the scheduling for the upcoming school year has been completed, students can view their individual timetable through Connect Ed.  The Guidance team reviews all timetable conflicts before school finishes for the summer.

Beginning the last week of August, students are encouraged to pay their student Fee ($20) and to purchase printing credits ($5 is recommended to start - that's 100 pages).  The Student Fee provides access to school activities (e.g. dances) and the student ID card.  this is also required to play on all school teams (there may be additional fees for sports).  Dudley locks are available at the office for $7.50 and are the only locks approved for use at CHS.

Student photos are taken early in September.  These photos can be purchased from the photo company and are printed on the Student Cards that arrive a few weeks later.  Graduation photos are taken later in the year; students need to make their won appointment for graduation photos.

CHS Electronic Communication

Our new website is another excellent way for the community to keep up with activities at CHS.  On the home page, current events overview the week's activities and upcoming events.  Throughout the rest of the site, there is additional information to inform students, parents and the community on life at CHS.


Good attendance is directly correlated to student success.  In the event a student will be absent from school, the parent/guardian is asked to report the absence using the Safe Arrival system.

If a student has an appointment or needs to be picked up, please notify the staff in the main office.  Students may only be signed out of class if they are leaving school.

Students who are absent from class without permission may be assigned detentions which are served at lunch time.

Attendance for final culminating activities is compulsory. If a student is absent for a final exam or culminating activity, a medical note is required to explain the absence.

Academic Honesty

All students are expected to demonstrate academic honesty.  Plagiarism involves using ideas or thoughts of another person without the proper acknowledgement.  Sources for plagiarism may include work from written texts, the Internet, a CD-ROM or another student.  If plagiarism is suspected, the student must provide rough notes, including sources and drafts, in order to demonstrate that the work is his / her own.  Students must keep their rough work until the assignment has been returned.

The following are examples of academic dishonesty that will result in consequences:

  • buying, selling or giving of essays, examinations or test questions
  • submitting the same piece of work for more than one course with the teachers' authorization
  • submitting an assignment prepared by someone other than the stated writer
  • allowing another student to copy work and hand it in
  • the unauthorized giving or receiving of information during an examination.

Dress Code

Centurions promote and support a positive, safe learning atmosphere in the school.

a) As per the HPEDSB Code of Conduct, dress for students much respect self and others

b) Clothing for school and school-related activities must be void of, but not limited to, graphics and slogans that portray violence, profanity, restricted substances and are offensive to persons.

Staff will determine whether it is safe and appropriate to wear hats in classes.

Code of Behaviour

Central Hastings School is committed to providing a safe, positive learning environment for all students.  We actively promote acceptance of all students and we teach understanding, tolerance and communication.  There is no place for violence, intimidation or foul language at Central Hastings School.  There may be serious consequences of such behaviour.

This commitment to a safe, positive environment extends outside the regular class day to extracurricular school activities such as dances.  Students may lose their privilege of attending school dances  or other extracurricular activities for an extended period of time along with other school consequences if student expectations are not met.

Students are expected to demonstrate respect for themselves and others, for learning, property and the environment.  A detailed School Code of Behaviour, based on the Provincial Code of Behaviour, is reviewed with the students each year.

Assessment, Evaluating and Reporting

Course Outlines

Students receive a Course Outline in each subject area at the start of the semester.  This outline provides the units of study with an assessment plan, detailing the formative and summative tasks the student is required to complete.  Seventy per cent of the student's mark is based on the summative projects and tests throughout the semester and the final thirty percent is derived from a major culminating activity or activities and examinations at the end of the semester.

Report Cards

There are three reports sent home to parents each semester.  The Early Progress Report is sent after the first six weeks of schools.  The Mid-Term Report is sent approximately half way through the semester and the final is sent at the conclusion of the semester.  In addition, a Credit Alert report is mailed to the parents of those students who are risk of failing a credit.  This report is sent approximately five weeks before the conclusion of the semester.

Parent / Teacher Interview Nights

Parent/Teacher Interview Nights occur each semester after the Early Progress Report is sent home.  Appointments to speak with each teacher can be arranged.  As well, parents are encouraged to call the school at any time to speak to a teacher or to set up an appointment.  AT CHS. we believe that communication between the home and the school is an important ingredient for student success.

Late and Missing Assignments

Summative assignments are given out with a clear due date and deadline.  The period between these two dates is called the 'window of opportunity', a time when students should confer with the teacher on their work.  Work will not be accepted after the deadline.  Generally, parents will be contacted for students under 18 years of age who fail to hand in a summative assignment by the due date.  Please contact individual teachers for further information.