We have learned that is was recently announced that Ms. Amber Clarke's Deep Learning Exemplar submission has been selected as ONE OF THE FIVE CANADIAN submissions that will be sent forward for GLOBAL MODERATION.

New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) project exemplars from across the county were submitted to the leads for review. Amber’s submission will be moderated by a team of international educators in the near future. Amber’s project now will be used to provide clarity to other teachers seeking to understand what deep learning is and how it can be implemented across grades and subject areas. Amber’s project was highlighted and the recognition means that her “work in this area has contributed to our collective learning and understanding of how deep learning is supporting students in their acquisition of global competencies and also allowing them to be truly engaged in their learning while making a difference in their local and/or global communities.”

To learn more about NPDL, please click the link: http://npdl.global/ 

We will have some exciting NPDL opportunities coming soon to CHSS!